If I am scheduled for classes, is it recommended I inform my professors of the event and ask for an excused absence?

We will provide a letter to all admitted students detailing the timing of the workshop to be provided to your instructors. However, we cannot guarantee that your instructor will excuse your absence or any missed assignments.

What experience should I bring to this event?

We are not expecting students to have a certain level of experience prior to the event. All are welcome. We may give preference to students closer to graduation, but applications are open to all, and any student can be admitted if spots are available.

Do I have to attend all sessions?

We expect all participants to attend every session unless we are notified of extenuating circumstances prior to the start of the workshop.

Will participating in this workshop increase my chances of getting admitted to URI?

Not directly, however, the information you learn in the workshop will help you better prepare your application for URI and other graduate schools.

Do I have to be a computer science major?

No. However, the workshop focuses on computer science graduate school and research. Students in an undergraduate degree that is unrelated to computer science are welcome to participate, but keep in mind that most graduate programs would require some prerequisite CS background before being admitted.

Are there any costs associated with participating in the event?

No. The workshop is free of charge for all admitted participants.